Biodynamic Wine & Organic Beer


Our wines have a story of farming behind them, because viticulture is AGRICULTURE.

They are the product of biodynamic farming in the vineyard, where planting cycles follow the Lunar calendar, along with ecological and ethical farming principles.

Each wine represents the land and soil it came from – its terrior – and is produced with care and precision, without chemicals in the vineyard or in the cellar. Biodynamic wine is sustainable and is in harmony with the Earth so that we may preserve it and pass it on. But above all, every wine tells the story of the wine growers: their agricultural awareness, personal character, sensitivity and of course, a good dose of stubborness.

Our wines are from small-scale, sustainable growers who produce limited quantities. They choose to operate more rigorously than required by organic standards – because their choice is an ethical choice, not a marketing choice.


We really like beers that come from breweries who share our philosophy, where the sustainability of raw materials comes first, because the best ingredients create the better products.

For this reason, we have chosen Craft Brewing Company, dedicated to making delicious beer using local, artisanal and organic ingredients. Cheers!
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