Seasonal Organic Salads

Our salads are light and healthy, and yet also filled with flavor. Inspired by the Mediterranean diet, we use organic whole grains in our salads, like farro, orzo, rice or quinoa. These grains nourish us with minerals, protein and vitamins.
Our vegetables are seasonal and mostly come from small farmers in Pennsylvania or from the farmer's market.

Organic eggs for brunch

Made from fresh eggs from the Farmer's market facing our store, our “eggs selection” is always seasonal and with an Italian touch.
Try our organic Frittate (frittatas) we oven-bake them so they are healthier and lighter!

Cheese & Charcuterie Boards

I Taglieri

Our cheeses are from local artisanal cheesemakers. Although we also serve pasteurized cheese, we support the "slow cheese" based on the raw milk cheese revolution. These small producers refuse the shortcuts of modernity, respecting nature and keeping the tradition and taste alive.

'When you pasteurize milk, you deprive it of its soul.' (Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food).

The salumi we use (USA 100% all natural Berkshire pork) are from talented artisans in the States who use Italian techniques.

Our boards are served with sourdough bread, fresh fruit, jam, and of course with our delicious SAVORY GELATO. Have you ever tried Gelato made from Asparagus and white pepper paired with some Cheddar Cheese? Don't miss the opportunity!

Seasonal Organic Soups

Our soup recipes are based on the soups enjoyed in Italian homes. A good soup needs time. It takes hours to boil at a low temperature and then it needs to rest. This is truly a slow food.

Homemade Cakes and Treats

At L'Albero, you can always enjoy the scent of freshly baked sweets. The flours used when making cakes and treats are 100% organic. The flour is milled using the old fashioned flouring process on century old roller mills, located in Anville, Pennsylvania. That means that the slow flouring process and lower operation temperature retain many naturally occurring nutrients and starches that are lost to the higher temperature of modern processing equipment.

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