Homemade Cakes and Treats

At L'Albero, you can always enjoy the scent of freshly baked sweets. The flours used when making cakes and treats are 100% organic. The flour is milled using the old fashioned flouring process on century old roller mills, located in Anville, Pennsylvania. That means that the slow flouring process and lower operation temperature retain many naturally occurring nutrients and starches that are lost to the higher temperature of modern processing equipment.

When baking, we use the best organic butter and organic cane sugar. The aromas are just the natural ones, the lemon zest and beans from Mananara Vanilla from Madagascar, a Slow Food Presidia.

Our sweet selections are always changing due to the seasons and to our creativity. Nature has lots to offer us!

Gluten* & Vegan Friendly

Many sweets here are made specifically for those who have an intollerance to gluten (using Almond Flour, Rice Flour or Buckwheat Flour) and also for those who are Vegan.

*Please note: Due to our open-facility kitchen, we cannot avoid cross-contamination.

As Good As Nature...

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