Seasonal Organic Soups

Our soup recipes are based on the soups enjoyed in Italian homes. A good soup needs time. It takes hours to boil at a low temperature and then it needs to rest. This is truly a slow food.

In our soups, we love to use organic whole grains that contain nutritional value: vitamins, minerals, iron, magnesium, copper... as recommended in the Mediterranean diet.

Made with vegetable broth, using the very best organic vegetables from small farmers in Pennsylvania, in our soups you will find a variety of greens using nothing but herbs, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil.

Using these simple ingredients, you can enjoy a unique Italian taste. Come see what's cooking in our kitchen.

Gluten free organic whole grains

L'Albero likes to include everyone. For those who have an intolerance to gluten, there are always soups available made with grains without gluten like rice or buckwheat. Our Soups can also be served with homemade "Farinata"* (chick pea bread). "Farinata*", which is typical from the Liguria Region, is made with only chick pea flour, water, salt, and extra virgin olive oil! "Semplicemente buonissima" "Simply amazing!"

*Please note: Due to our open-facility kitchen, we cannot avoid cross-contamination.

As Good As Nature...

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