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Last November, 2013, we received a @SlowFoodNYC Snail of Approval special recognition!
For us, it was an important acknowledgment because it represents the continuation of a journey that began in Italy many years ago: to support and to keep local food traditions and small producers alive.
Good, clean, and fair food for all.

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L'Albero dei gelati, also has three "gelaterie" in Lombardy, and was awarded with several prestigious recognitions: "Oscar Quality and Courtesy - Gambero Rosso 2011", "Best Gelateria 2011- Il Golosario", and has also been featured in many distinguished magazines and newspapers.

(L'Albero dei gelati is) a company that embodies everything a real artisinal gelateria should be. Starting with the taste, this gelato is without a doubt amongst the best "small circle" in Italy (and therefore, in the world).
Carlin Petrini, Founder Slow Food Movement, from the Italian daily "La Repubblica"