Through nature and love, good things are born.

In Italy...

Our "L'Albero dei gelati" (tree of Gelato) first set roots in 1985 in Lombardy, Italy through the passion of our mother and father. There they began making gelato by hand, using only raw ingredients of the highest quality: fresh, seasonal fruit, organic milk and cream, cocoa and sugar.

Later, in 2007, their daughter, Monia, her brother Fabio, and her husband Alessandro, took the helm of the gelateria, keeping the family tradition alive.

The new family team took the best of what their parents did and went above and beyond. They set out in search of the true origin of the raw materials they use. They began a long journey in order to discover who farmed the land with love in hopes of cultivating the best crops from it. They searched for farmers who shared the same values of respecting nature rather than exploiting it.

They listened to and shared the many stories of farmers dedicated to sustainable, organic and biodynamic farming practices that promote biodiversity. They chose not only the best and most natural ingredients, but also people who cultivated them in the best way possible. This newly formed family of gelato markers intensely studied the art of gelato crafting along with the math behind the recipes and added in a generous helping of creativity. Thus, in 2007, Monia, Fabio and Alessandro, full of passion and “farmers’” pride, planted the first seeds of Albero Dei Gelati in Brianza, near Milan, where they currently have three “gelaterie” and have been crafting gelato with love ever since.

In Brooklyn...

In 2013, Monia and Alessandro, along with their friend, Mauro, a pastry-chef, opened L'Albero Dei Gelati in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn store is not just a gelateria, but also a bakery, café and restaurant.


Italy and America are two very distant places, but for us they're so close. These two worlds work together in a special way to make our culinary creations; they coexist. These two lands, while at first glance may seem so far apart, are in fact closer than you think thanks to the world of agriculture and thanks to our vision of the farming world. A world first made up of real people and real relationships before any certifications, both in Italy and America. Because without the excellent work of these wonderful people that work the land with love and respect, without making the most of it, we wouldn't have the great ingredients we need to make our creations. Because the best in life comes when you respect nature and our planet.

Our values


We believe that good food is best when the ingredients are fresh and seasonal and when the chain between the producer and you is short. We love recreating a truly authentic Italian taste with the finest and freshest ingredients that are sustainably produced and locally sourced from good farmers. 

And we honor the Slow Food values of good, clean and fair food. In other words, food that is good for you, good for the environment and fair to the producers.

When we talk about respecting the planet, we mean making a conscious effort to ensure that nature will always win in every small detail. We have selected only biodegradable packaging. We use renewable energy. Even our website is backed by clean energy.

This comes at a cost for us, but the cost of saving the planet is even higher.

Everything is really natural

There are no flavorings, dyes, preservatives or artificial additives of any kind in any of our product.

For us, "the best" means quality and certainly, it means taste. But equally important are food values and the effects that food has on us, our environment and future generations.