Our commitment to Mother Earth

L'Albero is grown with love and respect for nature in every little detail. From our sourcing, serving and packaging, we aim to reuse, recycle and compost.

Our products are served in 100% compostable cups, our energy in the café comes from renewable sources, all our ingredients are sourced from small-scale, sustainable farmers and producers and we even went green with our website choosing an eco-friendly web host. Every small step can help make a big difference.

We encourage our customers to plant our seeds in a 'to go' gelato box used at our shop and together, we can paint the neighborhood green. Remember that we are a tree, everything starts from its seed and together we can make new roots.

Ours is a commitment that never stops, we always strive to be better, step-by-step. This obviously has a cost for us, but the cost of the planet would otherwise be much higher.