Our gelato is made from the very best ingredients, sourced from small producers close to us that share our values and commitment to the environment. Thus, we seek out our producers carefully. This is why our Gelato is “farm fresh” and of course with no dyes, no preservatives, no artificial flavors ever.

Our ingredients: a close relationship with GOOD FARMERS

When we moved to Brooklyn, we toured the Northeastern states to find the very best raw ingredients for our gelato, cakes and pastries. It was an emotional journey; to meet the producer and see the cows that produce our milk, to taste pears and strawberries from our local farmers, and to discover the organic eggs we will use in so many of our specialties. We strive to create a personal relationship with each of our producers and we will never stop that practice.

We also source top quality products authentic to other lands. We obtain fair-trade chocolate from the Dominican Republic, Mandorla di Avola (Almonds) from Sicily, Nocciola IGP Piemonte (hazelnuts from Piedmont) and Liquirizia (Licorice) from Calabria. In all of our endeavors, we look for small-scale producers with a commitment to sustainability and biodiversity.

Creativity for sweet and savory gelato!

When natures offers so many ingredients, we can't help but feel tempted to turn them into gelato. Because everything can be transformed into gelato! However, proficiency to adjust recipes, along with creativity are needed to create the best combinations. And that is how our famous savory gelato came to be. It can be enjoyed on a cone or cup or enjoyed on a plate combined with cheeses, breads and meats. One possibility- the zucchini-flower gelato is delicious with a raspberry sorbet. But how about tasting Saffron gelato to enjoy with a creamy "Risotto"? Or extra virgin olive oil gelato served with sourdough bread as an appetizer? Or yellow bell pepper gelato paired with cheese at the end of dinner? The varieties are endless and that is why we love to serve gelato anytime, not only as dessert, but also as the main attraction of our cheese and meat boards. Come visit us and discover our new flavors, you will always find four seasonal savory gelato flavors!


Each season has its fruit. Each season has its vegetable. Each season, these fruits and vegetables are turned into gelato!

Each week at L'Albero our master gelato maker, in accordance with what nature is giving us that week, creates new flavors for the week. Some will be sweet, some savory. L'Albero is not your traditional "gelateria" (gelato parlor); if eggplant is in season, expect a savory eggplant gelato! If lavender is in season, the master is likely to make a special lavender gelato. Each gelato is a journey and we can never know what the master will make tomorrow.

No Dyes, No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavors. Ever.

We believe the most beautiful colors are those that come from nature. The rainbow red of a strawberry, the yellow of a lemon, the white of milk. Nature gives us all what we need.

We do not use thickeners in our gelato; eggs are natural thickeners and many plants produce other natural thickeners. We also do not use hydrogenated vegetable fats, mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, carboxymethyl cellulose or other synthetic products widely used in gelato and harmful to health. Just knowing the nature to have all the best tools to achieve the best result. The chemistry is not needed.

Gluten-free & vegan friendly

All of our seasonal sorbets are dairy free for we simply use organic fruit, water, sugar and carrube flour as a natural thickener. Nothing else. But even "cream based" gelato can be vegan if they are water-based!!
Try our hazelnut, chocolate, almond, or pistachio water-based flavors.

Most gelato is gluten-free (except flavors that contain cookies), meaning no wheat is used in the original recipes.

*Please note: We cannot avoid the cross-contamination of the cones found in the gelato window display.