Last November, 2013, we received a @SlowFoodNYC Snail of Approval special recognition!
For us, it was an important acknowledgment because it represents the continuation of a journey that began in Italy many years ago: to support and to keep local food traditions and small producers alive.
Good, clean, and fair food for all.

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What is Slow Food?

Slow Food is an international grassroots membership organization promoting good, clean and fair food for all.
Good, clean and fair are three interconnected principles: Good is a fresh and flavorsome seasonal diet that satisfies the senses and is part of our local culture; Clean food production and consumption does not harm the environment, animal
welfare or our health; Fair is accessible prices for consumers and fair conditions and pay for small-scale producers.

What are the Slow Food Presidia?

Presidia are projects run by the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity to directly help groups of artisanal food producers.
They sustain quality production at risk of extinction, protect unique regions and ecosystems, recover traditional processing methods, and safeguard native breeds and local plant varieties.


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